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Easy to change frames for photos & art prints. Mat + frame like a pro in seconds. CHANGE prints any time & STORE them in back. Easy gallery walls, too! Bet it takes longer to pick your prints...



Designed for a lifetime of reuse, EasyGallery® frames are naturally 'greener'...  But, I wanted everything from Change of Art® to be as low-impact as possible, so I spent several years rethinking the way frames are being made. Engineering every step –  and every material – to make sure our products are as easy on the planet as they are for you... 


Our 100% made-in-USA frames are made with only FSC-certified and recycled wood. Each of our colors has been painstakingly (hoo-boy, there's an understatement) created for the most durable, professional finish – and the smallest possible 'footprint'.

MATTE BLACK:  The most popular color, we make ours with recycled, engineered wood (MDF) wrapped with a durable, American-made coated paper, with eco-friendly water-based adhesives. Sturdy, substantial – and surprisingly hefty.

ALDER:  American Alder with a water-based stain, sealed with a water-based topcoat for a soft, nearly-matte finish. I love the fine, straight grain. Alder takes a finish beautifully, and it's so much harder than a poplar or pine.

SILK WHITE:  The first batch is made with American Alder, coated with creamy water-based paint, and finished with a low sheen water-based tinted topcoat. The second batch uses poplar, so the (unpainted) back has a nice light color.


We believe our frames should easily last a lifetime. But, if you decide to change the mat, or (heaven forbid), your frame falls in your reflecting pool, we're doing our part to keep our parts out of any landfill.


CRESCENT® ECO-CORE MAT   For more than a century, artists have trusted Crescent® to showcase and protect their work. Our extra thick mat is made with a recycled core, and finished with museum quality cotton RagMat™ face paper. Of course, it's acid and lignin free – safe for photos & art prints. But your prints are further protected by the EasyMat® backer that sets your print well beneath the glass.


EasyMat® BACKER MADE OF 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC   Our patent pending backer is made by one of the country's recycled plastic pioneers. GAIM, a family-owned company, is based here in Chicagoland. Every bit of the material used is post consumer or post industrial waste. Rubber additives add impact resistance; carbon and wax make it black. Molded in a super-efficient process, any production waste is ground up to be used in the next round. 


OUR PLAIN BROWN BOX   They're made by Questcor Corrugated, a family-owned company with more than 75 years of expertise. To eliminate excess packing protection material, we custom fit our boxes from SM to XL, and give them double and triple wall construction so they can take a little abuse. It costs (a lot) more, but we think it's worth it in the long run. (Please note: The Double frame doesn't have its own 'custom' box yet, so it's not nearly as pretty.)



These little guys are made with recycled plastic. Manufactured by another local, family owned company, Adams Foam. They've been working for years to get us all to "Say no to styrofoam!".  Of course, they're ideal for packing or storing other frames and breakables, like mirrors.  We hope you'll find lots of ways to reuse them – but once they've outlived their purpose, please recycle them along with plastic bags.


recycled plastic 'button' hanger


Also made by GAIM, our large easy-to-handle hangers work with a simple rout in the frame – eliminating yet another piece of hardware. 





Our thick 2.5mm glass is made in the Midwest, shipped in reusable creates, slipsheeted with recycled paper that we reuse and recycle.


More to come about our recycled paper printed inserts with vegetable based inks, and our (awesome) fulfillment partner's recycling practices, and shipping...