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Easy to change frames for photos & art prints. Mat + frame like a pro in seconds. CHANGE prints any time & STORE them in back. Easy gallery walls, too! Bet it takes longer to pick your prints...




Will they be in stores?  

You can only get my patent pending EasyGallery® frames online

EasyGallery® frames are made here in the USA. Handcrafted and assembled by adults making a fair wage. Using only quality, sustainably sourced professional grade materials. So, they cost (a LOT) more to produce. Selling them "direct-to-you" eliminates a multitude of costs. In stores, they'd cost at least 3X more. There are so many other reasons why online only is a better deal for YOU.

Check out 'COMPARE' to see what I mean – seriously, they're just a few bucks more than a one-time use imports from a chain store.


Will there be more sizes?  

Yes. For now, I've got the two MOST popular sizes: 5x7 and 8x10. Coming as soon as humanly possible – 4x6 and 11x14. If there's enough demand, letter and wallet size, too. (FYI, the tooling/molds for the special backers are insanely expensive.)

Will there be more colors and styles? 

We’re sticking with the classics:  Black, white, and a handsome wood tone (Alder). Our ultra simple ‘loft’ or museum style profile fits into most every décor.  So, we’ll carry this profile for – well – ever. Unlike the big box stores that change styles every year, the frames you buy two years from now will match the ones you get today. Kind of nice to know...

But, we are fans of change… If there’s enough demand for a traditional ‘carved’ style, we’ll add it to the mix. Join our mailing list, and you can vote in our polls to determine what gets added to the line.

Worth mentioning: I can get most any color/style of frame – in quantities. It probably won't be eco-friendly or made in the USA, but my cut/join supplier has access to most anything you can dream up. It won't have the special hanging system, but it'll be just as instant/changeable.

So, if you're looking for something special, just call or email me!


I have 5second® frames. What's so different about Change of Art®?   

OMG – where to begin?  EasyGallery® frames are made with professional quality materials and styling:  Wider, thicker mats, and substantial frames with durable finishes guaranteed for color matching. Works much better, too: Prints load and change out more smoothly, and hanging is easier and much more secure. Stores twice as many prints, too. 

Best of all, they're truly eco-friendly and 100% made in the USA.  And every frame sold helps to support Anixter Center, a great organization that cares for and employs disabled adults. (Try and find that in a big box store.)  


Will they match my 5second® frames?   

Sizes and proportions won't be an exact match: Our mats are wider and thicker; frames are deeper, but the Matte Black should coordinate nicely. Weston Gallery's 5second® "Espresso" color ranged from a medium Mahogany to nearly black. So, I didn't have a standard to match to. Instead, I chose a warm, neutral brown that will look good in most home decors.

Do you have any 'collage' frames?  

We have a double 5x7, and we'll be adding a triple 4x6 as soon as possible). Of course, everything's designed to look good and work together.  

Do the new hangers work with other frames? 

They were created to work like butter with Change of Art®. But I knew that lots of people were missing their 5second® hangers, so I made sure they work fine with the old 5second™ frames, too. Much more secure. (They won't work at all with other frames - unless you're really handy with a router.)