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Easy to change frames for photos & art prints. Mat + frame like a pro in seconds. CHANGE prints any time & STORE them in back. Easy gallery walls, too! Bet it takes longer to pick your prints...


Change of Art's EasyGallery® frames are still flying under the radar, but they're already getting the nicest reviews...

(Note that this is ALL of the reviews, unedited, nothing left out.)

"Beautiful Product  I can't say enough about these beautiful frames - they are a truly professional-quality product that makes hanging groups of photos a snap. I'm so happy with the two different galleries I've hung (one grid of nine and one set of seventeen!), and I still can't believe how easily I was able to align such a large number of frames! They are truly top quality, and I look forward to the fun of switching out my photos to match seasons and holidays." 

– Mary B., about her Medium frames

"Best Frame for the Money   I would have expected to pay twice the amount I did for such a professional matting and framing solution. From installing the art into the frame, to the installation , with provided hardware, this is a elegant framing solution that looks as professional as they come. Not to mention, Mary Ann was incredibly flexible with delivery options, offered a coupon code to me without prompt, and was a joy to work with. I was in a real bind to get a professional quality frame quickly, for a gift and she had it delivered the same day. I will be buying more of these in the future. Can't say enough positive things about both the product and the service. Three cheers and five stars!"    

 – David T. about Large for 8x10


Love these frames!   I keep all my holiday subway art in the pocket, it is so easy to change them out. I show them off by displaying the frames in a picture press from Rodworks. The best!

– Janie N., about Square for 8x10


"I have purchased many different size frames and just can't believe how practical they are. No longer am I stuck looking at the same photos year after year. In less than a minute I can change the photo from the storage slot in the back. Being a photographer , and always wanting to frame more photos, the Change of Art concept was the answer."    

 – Dr Louis C. about Large for 8x10

"Love love love these frames!!! Love the easy hang button with the guide that tapes right to the wall and tells you exactly where to nail. Love how they look so rich on my walls, how easy it is to change the prints and how they hang so close to the wall with no fear of falling. These are my all time favorite frames and I can't wait to get more!!!"

       - Lynn P., about SPECIAL for 5x7


"Awesome packing/shipping !   So simple to hang. The frames are great quality!! I will definitely be buying more soon!"

 Liz. B, about her PRO frames

"Beautiful AND Simple!!!!   Hanging these beautiful frames was just as easy as advertised!! Everything you need to complete this project is included (except the hammer!). It took me longer to choose the photos than it did to hang the frames!!!! Thank you for helping me get my pictures off my laptop and out for display. I can't wait to rotate the photos to compliment" the season and the holiday! A truly wonderful product! Thanks!!!

 Diane O., about her STARTER gallery 


"Love our new frames!  I recently bought 4 medium frames for our grandchildren's photos. They are perfect! The frames are so well made and it will be so easy to change the photos as the kids get older. I will be buying all my frames here now. I appreciate the care in packing and the handwritten note that came with it too. Thanks for a quality product!"

- Barbara B., about MEDIUM for 5x7

"AB FAB!!   These are the best things ever! I am always wanting to change out my artwork and then i need to buy more and more frames. These are so simple to use, and best of all, you can "store" all your spare artwork neat and crease-free in the holders on the back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and everyone I know will probably be getting these for next christmas!"   

– Carla R., about her HI-5 gallery (she got 8 more frames!)

"The frames I purchased were really well-built and sturdy, but elegant. My sisters love the idea of storing their kids' photos in the pocket in the back as they take each school year picture. I will switch out according to the seasons--photos of the beach at sunset, for instance, during our long Chicago winters, and switch out during other seasons. Great invention!!"

– T. Amenda, about LARGE frames in Silk White


"So great.   The frames exceeded my high expectations not only in their construction, but in the care of their delivery to my home. The protective packaging was amazing. Now, the frames themselves are beautifully crafted and detailed. Thanks so much! I couldn't be happier with them!" 

 Michael S., about his LARGE frames in Silk White

 "Great quality; SO easy to change out photos.  I ordered 11 frames. Ordering was easy, and shipping was as expected. The frames were packed well, and we had no scratches or dents... Once we got all of the frames hung, I set out to fill them, and I honestly could have cried at how easy it was to add, change, and rearrange photos in these frames. I have a large family with lots of growing kiddos, and to have a place where I can EASILY keep updated photos on the wall means a lot to me. And what I need to stress is that these look like professionally matted and framed photos. They are perfect! We were a little concerned about the price, but these have been worth every penny." 

 Megahn. S., about their SPECIAL frames


"Wow!  I received my new frame and immediately wished I had known of this amazing option for several special wedding gifts I agonized over this past summer! The frame is solidly built and very attractive. It arrived in a timely fashion and was packed amazingly well - no damage possible! I am seriously thinking about adding to my collection!" 

 Sylvia H., about DOUBLE for 5x7

 "Beautiful gallery   I love everything about these frames! The templates and the "button" hangers made it so easy to get the pictures in the right spots without putting multiple holes in the wall, and the frames look elegant all hung together. I additionally purchased a double frame to complete my gallery that I'm very happy with. I also must commend the customer service: I had a question about my purchase and received an extremely rapid response. They worked hard to make sure everything about my purchase was perfect, and I really appreciated it!"  

 Laura F., about her 8 IS ENOUGH gallery

Best frames   These are fantastic! So easy and look great on our wall. Highly recommend them!  

 Katie W., about her SAMPLER gallery

LOVE THE FRAMES!  The packaging when they arrived and the frames themselves are impressive! As a mom of young kids, it seems the photos get dated soon. This is such an easy and great solution. Thank you!

Another idea:  A matting to fit standard paper... to frame the millions of cute drawings "for mommy".  : - )  

Thank you again!"

- N. about her HI-FIVE gallery



"Perfect for grandchildren's school photos. Just what I wanted and needed. I find the storage unit on the back perfect for my many grandchildren's school pictures! All the photos fit neatly and look uniform." 

 K. Moriarty, about DOUBLE frames

"Love the product and amazing customer service!"

       - Nora L., about LARGE for 8x10

"Wonderful!   I love, love, love (did I say love?) my frames. They are dummy proof and easy to use and hang. I like the "hanger" that comes with it and the design is genius! It makes hanging the pictures so much easier. The templates were a god send and I don't know why more companies don't do this. Having the templates helped make my hanging of the frames very easy. I was able to place and move the templates on the wall until I was happy with the layout. Very handy when having to hang pictures without another person helping “get it right”. The frames are a great quality and I will be adding on to my gallery wall and recommending the frames to my friends."    

– Dawn B., about her TRIO gallery

"Excellent!  The frames are fabulous and easy to change photos. Installation was easy too. We were very pleased with the customer service. One piece was missing and she shipped it immediately. I would definitely buy more."

 Margaret in Maine, about her PORTRAIT gallery

"Love them!  I am very happy with my mat kits. I can't wait to use them."  

 Amy C., EasyMat® kits for 8x10 prints

"These are the best and most versatile frames I have ever purchased. I have a total of eight of these frames in my home. It's so easy to change and update pictures with the convenient area to store pictures. I wish this item was available when my children were young. I originally purchased these frames to display our grandchildren's pictures. I have since replaced old picture frames with the Change of Art frames." 

 Lynn B., about her DOUBLE frames

"Love these frames!   I have quite a few of the 5-second frames and had experienced some of the poor quality issues a few years ago. When one of my old 5-second frames was accidentally knocked of the wall and broke, I ordered a replacement and 2 new frames as well. The new frames are beautifully made and integrated into my old gallery perfectly. I love how easy these are to hang as well as the flexibility to change the pictures. While these are more expensive than most store bought frames, the quality shows and I appreciate that they are eco-friendly and made in the USA!"

– Kristen D., about her MEDIUM frames

Note from Mary Ann:  It took a lot longer (and cost a lot more), but I'm proud of the professional quality of these frames. My hope is that they'll get passed down for generations -- 'cradle to cradle'! 

"I had previously bought frames from a retail chain [the old 5 second® frames] that employed this 'slide in' concept. I thought it was an excellent idea and was saddened when it was discontinued. Having said that, this version of the concept is much improved. From the hanging mechanism to the storage pocket, it's very well thought out design. I only bought two so far, but will be back for more. Well done."

- David V., about his PRO frames

"When I received the photo frame, I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it was. Now I have to find some prints to put in the frame and back holder. Thanks for a wonderful product.

       - Marilyn W., about LARGE for 8x10


"Amazing gift!  I bought several frames for my parents for Christmas and they were delighted. The quality is fantastic and I'm definitely ordering these frames for myself! So easy to hang and use."

- Rebecca K., about DOUBLE frames


I have purchased several Change of Art [5second®] frames throughout the years. My most recent purchase, was of much higher quality. The nob that the frame hangs on is larger, and supports the weight of the frame better than the older, smaller one did.

- Laurie M., about LARGE for 8x10

We love our Eight is Enough gallery set. The frames arrived in perfect condition. The frames were so well packed and we appreciated that even the blue tape for hanging the templates was included. The alder tone is beautiful and rich. We will definitely be ordering more.

- K.Y., about their EIGHT IS ENOUGH gallery



Wonderful Frames

I love the flexibility, I'm able to change my photos everyday in seconds!

- James G., about LARGE for 8x10


I received the 3-5x7 double frame in the mail they are great I love them they are just what I needed.I have six grandchildren. They look wonderful on my wall I am going to be buying more frames. Excellent product and idea.

- N., about three DOUBLE frames


"Absolutely Fabulous   This product is awesome and easy. Very high quality product and so easy to install. The package was packed so perfectly (it even included all the painters tape). I was able to open and install within the whole wall in 30 minutes."

- Padma G., about her STARTER gallery


"So great.   The frames exceeded my high expectations not only in their construction, but in the care of their delivery to my home. The protective packaging was amazing. Now, the frames themselves are beautifully crafted and detailed. Thanks so much! I couldn't be happier with them!"

- Michael S., about his LARGE frames

A really good product.

My daughter recently had twins. We want to display their pictures but the twins change almost daily. This allows us to easily keep a current display. However, I like the templates the best. They allowed us to create a perfect arrangement without leaving stray nail holes all over the wall.

- Sherian W., about her TRIO gallery


"I do love these frames, and was hoping to match the espresso brown that I already had, and I believe cherry color was to replace that color. They are a little different style of frame, and a darker color, but I do still like them, and will probably use on a different wall. Good quality, and love the storage in the back of the frame."

- N., about her MEDIUM frames

Nice frames, okay to hang   I purchased three white frames to display seasonal artwork and they are very beautiful and easy to change the artwork, which I love. The hanging process was easier than it would normally be, but still took me a long time because I thought the frames were "self-leveling" when in fact they are not, they hang too snug on the holder. I should have used a level in the planning process.

- Michele W., about her LARGE frames

Note from Mary Ann: Try to not hammer the button hangers too hard. Also, they're self-leveling on their own – but if you want them to be level with each other, (like a grid) make sure your templates are level. 

"Great product would prefer more choices.  It is a fantastic idea. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband. We have two new grandchildren and our children are always giving us printed photos. They are usually 4X6 and that is the size I would have preferred. I would have also preferred just the frame without the wide mat and finally I would have also preferred more storage space for the photos in the back."

- Paula S., about her MEDIUM frames

Note from Mary Ann:  I hope to make the molds for 4x6 and 11x14 backers this year with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. I wasn't planning to make a non-matted version, but it's doable if people want it.

The frames came packaged individually which helped to ensure they were not damaged during the shipping process. The frames are excellent quality and really bring displaying my family photos to another level. The hanging process was extremely easy. I highly recommend these frames and I will definitley purchase more in the future.  

       - Julia H., about her HI, FIVE gallery

The frames are well made and well designed. The templates and included hardware make it hanging simple. Everything lined up perfectly on the first try.      

      - Tracy A., about MEDIUM for 5x7

I love my frames! and It was the easiest time I have ever had hanging a frame, thanks to the templates, and I love that I can switch the photo out in just a few seconds. Great customers service, and I love supporting this small business!      

       - Maria Z., about LARGE for 8x10